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Crystal Bitch

At Crystal Bitch, we love crystals & stones!  We have taken great care to curate & hand selected products that will help you bring positive energy wherever life takes you, with a blend of style and function.  

Cool New Product Additions

Check out how to add Crystals to your everyday life!

Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Crystal Smoker

Crystal Pipe

Crystal Starter Kit

Crystal Starter Kit

Where to purchase our products

Crystal Bitch is exclusively sold through the ByDesignCanada Shopify store.  You can find all our amazing products and other “fab finds” all in one online location.  Check us out!

Crystal Water bottle

Healing Powers of Crystals

Crystals come from the heart of the earth, forged through the cooling of magma. Minerals collected in the magma cool and solidify to create various crystalline structors.  Nuggets of earth’s goodness!

Many cultures believe in crystals hold spiritual powers. From Hebrew to Hindu legends, crystals are said to act as a powerful protective talisman for the user.

The atomic structure of crystals are extremely stable. Because of this, crystals act as a conduit to stabilize and protect ones personal energy. Crystals have been used in a metaphysical context for thousands of years.

At Crystal Bitch we have a multitude of products and insights on how crystals can enhance your life!

Learn all things CRYSTAL


Crystals can act as a conduit to our mind, body and soul.  They can promote the flow of good energy and help rid your body and mind of negative energy.  Find out how you can incorporate crystals into your everyday life!